Clean Energy Hydro Systems Patent


United States Patent No: 11,827,249 B2
Issue date: November 28, 2023
Clean Energy Integrated Transportation System - Patent #3 "Using Hydro System"
Owner: Cooley Enterprises, LLC
Inventor: Maryam Cooley
Firm: Baker Botts L.L.P and C Tumey Law Group PLLC

“Water is the Future Gold” – The Clean Energy Integrated Transportation System utilizing fluid medium throughout the transportation tube such that the pressurized fluid medium propels the transportation pods at high speeds.  The pods are fluid tight sealed to prevent ingress of the fluid medium into the transportation goods or people.

This system allows for transportation of goods and/or people propelled by fluids such as water. As Climate’s severe weather patterns bring excess resources to some parts of the county causing flooding while other parts suffer in drought conditions. The hydro system allows for dual usage of carrying goods while providing water to much needed areas around the country.  This system can be fully submerged or partially submerged in fluids.  The speed can be controlled by multiple pumps strategically positioned along the way to ensure certain speed is maintained for on-time deliveries.