Smart Display Sheet Patent

Smart Display Sheet

United States Patent No: 11,618,323 B1
Issued April 04, 2023
Smart Display Sheet Patent
Owner: Cooley Enterprises, LLC
Inventor: Maryam Cooley
Firm: Baker Botts L.L.P

Smart Display Sheet provides apparatuses and methods for changing an external visual appearance of a vehicle quickly and inexpensively. Smart Display Sheet is a new and innovative technology that offers vehicle users instantaneous access to limitless options and combinations of colors, shapes, writings, lighting, and customization designs. The technology allows a vehicle user to express personality, life events, moods, and opinions through tailored designs. The innovation can be adhered to or integrally formed into at least a portion of the vehicle and wheels of the vehicle.
The Smart display sheet innovation can use the pixel-based resolution to display sheet images and/or path-line-based display capable of displaying a wide range of graphics, including, but not limited to, downloading photos on a vehicle. The Smart Display Sheet may be communicatively coupled to an infotainment system of a vehicle. Images selected or generated by the user may be displayed on the Smart Display Sheet, thus changing the visual appearance as desired by the owner via the App. This allows users the freedom to choose instantly at the touch of a button and as often as the user desires.