Clean Energy Track & Cable Patent


United States Patent No: 11,565,884 B1
Issued January 31, 2023
Clean Energy Integrated Transportation System - Patent #2 "Track and Cable"
Owner: Cooley Enterprises, LLC
Inventor: Maryam Cooley
Firm: Baker Botts L.L.P

The Clean Energy Integrated System allows for toxic and/or hazardous material to be transported in a separate line/tube away from people on roads and highways. This is a significant benefit to urban areas with high population densities as we frequently experience accidents and environmental disasters related to the existing rails and trucks carrying hazardous materials, costing billions of dollars in damage, not to mention the associated irreversible human health impacts.
The Clean Energy System can work with EV-Trucks and EV-Rail to overcome any right-of-way issues that may arise in different cities for one reason or another, especially to achieve the last mile.

A snowy landscape with two poles in the foreground.

Source of clean energy fuel options can range from hydrogen, wind, solar, and natural gas to propel pods and cargo to achieve carbon neutral operations with little to no pollutants emitted into the air.