Extend the Life of a battery Patent
EV or Hybrid Vehicles

Extending the life of a battery in EV or Hybrid Vehicles

US Patent No: 11,938,833 B2
Issue Date of Patent: Mar. 26, 2024
Turbine Power Extending the Life of a Battery Patent
Owner: Cooley Enterprises, LLC
Inventor: Maryam Cooley
Firm: Baker Botts L.L.P

The purpose of this patent application is to extend the life of the battery in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. Significant challenges are faced in mining exotic minerals and related supply chain issues to support the shift to EVs. This, along with rising costs associated with building and securing, recharging stations will require modernization & expansions of the electric grid to avoid power disruptions. Furthermore, the greatest challenge involves the consumer's need for sustainable reliability of vehicles to address the concerns of long-range travel, causing anxiety and worry about the EV battery running out, making it more difficult for automakers to make the transition.
This invention allows for long-distance travel without the need to make frequent stops to recharge the battery.

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